Scientific developments in teaching and learning

Technological advances have transformed the way we teach and learn, making education more inclusive than ever before. Virtual Reality classes! Cerebral implants that help us learn! When I was young we didn’t have these in schools, I could have used them to get better grades! 

The topic is so broad and interesting that I’m sure we can use it to attract a few hundred new subscribers to our page, especially the ones that haven’t used this kind of technology in their youth and want to know more about it

I need you to write a small article explaining how these new scientific developments have changed education for everyone. Tell us about the new technology, how it works, what impact it has had on our lives… Whatever you see fit!

You have creative creative freedom as long as the following requirements are met:

  • The file size must not exceed 5Mb
  • The article should be between 200 and 600 words.
  • Dateiformat: pdf (Sie können auch in das Textfeld schreiben und Bilder anhängen, indem Sie auf Dateien hinzufügen klicken)
  • The author’s name must be included as well as the date and place where it was written. This information should be added in the lead-in.
  • The text must be divided into columns/paragraphs.
  • It is recommended to add a photo to illustrate the news item, and in this case a caption should be added.




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