Global warming and Natural Disasters

Climate change is no longer a vague hypothetical for Earth’s future. Scientists agree that the effects of greenhouse gas emissions already have altered ecosystems, weather patterns, food supplies, lives and economies. From severe drought and fires to rising seas and eroding coastlines, warnings from decades ago have manifested worldwide. 

The last year alone has seen a series of devastating climate disasters in various parts of the world, including Europe, such as deadly heat waves and flooding. From Mozambique to Bangladesh millions of people have already lost their homes, livelihoods, and loved ones as a result of more dangerous and more frequent extreme weather events.

How would you describe the terrible effects of Global Warming with one picture/image? Try to grasp the severity of the issue by visually representing one of the following:

  • floods;
  • wildfires;
  • droughts;
  • cyclones and hurricanes.

Try and make your product original, but if you use images found somewhere else, please make sure that:

  • A minimum of 3 images and a maximum of 10 images can be submitted. • File format: jpg. 
  • Each file cannot be bigger than 5 Mb. 
  • Colour and black and white photos will be accepted. 
  • The images must belong to the participants. 
  • If they are part of a collage or edited, images from third parties can be used, as long as they are free to use or the copyright permits it. 
  • All images must include a caption in text format, between 5 and 15 words, as a title for the pictures or describing what is seen in the image.



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