Home office and Health

Working or studying from your living room is the new normal these days and this brings on a set of new challenges – especially when you don’t have a dedicated space for an ‘office’. 

Since we have all experienced the beauty and the curse of “work from home”, why don’t we put together valuable pieces of advice to keep our physical (and mental!) health in good shape?

What would you recommend? Which vocal piece of advice would you provide to the student/employee/youth worker/volunteer working/studying at home?

Record some useful suggestions to prevent negative health consequences caused by working from home. What behaviour should we all avoid to stay healthy, focused, and productive?

Remember the following guidelines:

  • The file size must not exceed 5Mb 
  • The audio should include a title that defines the topic it is going to talk about. 
  • The author’s name must be indicated. 
  • The date on which the audio was recorded must be indicated. 
  • The place where the audio was recorded must be indicated. 
  • The recording must be at least 30 seconds in length and should not exceed 5 minutes. 
  • File format: mp3/m4a ➢ It is optional, but advisable, to include a picture of the subject of the audio, or at least an icon to illustrate it.



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