New Normal Channel

The NNC Experience is an Educational Simulation, a challenge based simulation game that offers an interactive, motivating and empowering environment, with a pedagogical approach of experiential learning

The experience will offer young people and youth workers an interactive environment for learning and developing skills and abilities related to digital culture and creativity, which will contribute to overcoming not only the technological gap (of access to digital resources) but specially the skills and competences gap (ability to understand and create in the digital world)

Participants will work as reporters for the New Normal Channel, a platform where you can find out about the latest developments in science, entertainment, culture and latest news from the year 2030.

They will have to complete the tasks assigned by their employer, the head of content of the

NNC Channel, and delve into relevant topics to prepare content for the channel they work for.


The main target group of the NNC project will be the youth.

Youth workers and other agents directly addressing young people social and labor inclusion and education

Through their participation, young people will be able to…

  1. Develop their imagination and anticipate scenarios for a future world affected by the COVID 19 impact, improving and putting their creativity into practice
  2. Become agents that generate content and digital culture become active citizens, turning their ideas and opinions into voice
  3. Understand digital culture and consume it from a critical perspective understanding what misinformation, misinformation, and fake news mean
  4. Understand how reality is transformed improving their adaptability and flexibility skills
  5. Acquire technical knowledge related to digital culture that will improve their capacities and employability
  6. Develop their entrepreneurial and intrapreneurship competences taking initiatives and being proactive

The NNC Experience is made up of

  • An online platform

    – An environment for learning and interaction with the participants

    – A launching point for the challenges assignments

    – A channel for the publication of contributions

    – Sections: “Challenges for new collaborators” and “Resources for new collaborator”, News, Culture, Entertainment and Science

  • A set of challenges

    – Tasks assigned by a potential employer

    – Will guide young people to delve into relevant topics

    – There will be 48 challenges in total, 4 per area (Culture, Entertainment, News and Science)

  • A user guide

    – On how to participate in the NNC Experience and how to proceed to solve the challenges assignments

    – Addressed to young people

  • A series of training pills

    – A series of educational resources that will help young people develop some of the skills necessary to solve challenges

    – In the form of a support center for new collaborators

    – They will focus on (at least) presentation skills ( language, expressiveness key concept of video recording, screenwriting, bases of audiovisuals for communication and artistic expressions)

  • The NNC Experience guide

    – A manual for using the platform

    – Will serve as a pedagogical guide for youth workers and organizations that work with young people

    – Includes a description of the characteristics of the NNC Experience, the pedagogical approach applied, the learning objectives, the specific competencies and skills addressed, the thematic areas and topics proposed, and their link to the competences

    – The possible applications in non formal and informal learning environments, and in face to face or blended educational actions

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