Housing prices and accessibility in the year 2030

Everybody wants to live in the house of their dreams, but house and rental prices have varied greatly in recent years. House-hunting can be a bit confusing, so that’s where we come in! We want to inform our audience about the current situation in the housing market, so I’m in the need of interesting audios about looking for a place to live in the year 2030. 

You could interview people looking for their new home, landlords trying to rent or sell their house, people working in real state, new ways of living and co-living… Be creative!

You can record audios on tape recorders, smartphones, computers… You have creative freedom as long as the following requirements are met:

  • The file size must not exceed 5Mb
  • File format: mp3/m4a
  • The audio should include a title that defines the topic it is going to talk about.
  • The author’s name must be indicated.
  • The date on which the audio was recorded must be indicated.
  • The place where the audio was recorded must be indicated.
  • The recording must be at least 30 seconds in length and should not exceed 5 minutes.

➢ It is optional, but advisable, to include a picture of the subject of the audio, or at least an icon to illustrate it.



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