New AI-Nation declares independence

A region in the south of France which has been controlled by several AI´s for weeks declared its independence. We got an invitation to a press conference which they will hold tomorrow.

You, dear reporters, have the task of writing an article about the event. The article should be between 200 and 600 words. The required file format is doc/docx/pdf.

Please remember that the file size must not exceed 100 Mb and the elements which need to be included in the article are title, lead-in and body. The name of the author, date and place where the event took place should be in the article as well. We also recommend taking a picture to illustrate the news item. The text must be divided into columns and paragraphs.

You have creative creative freedom as long as the following requirements are met:

  • The file size must not exceed 5Mb
  • The article should be between 200 and 600 words.
  • File format: pdf (you can also write in the text box, and attach images by clicking on add files)
  • The author’s name must be included as well as the date and place where it was written. This information should be added in the lead-in.
  • The text must be divided into columns/paragraphs.
  • It is recommended to add a photo to illustrate the news item, and in this case a caption should be added.



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