Protecting Human Rights in Modern Europe

The EU has an impressive human rights framework. However, discrimination on the grounds of gender and sex remained widespread. The COVID19 pandemic triggered a surge in domestic violence, especially violence targeting women, and deepened existing gender inequalities and the European Committee of Social Rights found violations of the rights to equal pay and to equal opportunities in the workplace in 13 EU member states.

The Covid-19 pandemic also triggered an increase in racist and xenophobic incidents against national or ethnic minorities, including verbal insults, harassment, physical attacks, and online hate speech. The EU’s Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) noted reports of racist incidents linked to the pandemic in most EU member states, particularly targeting people of or perceived to be of Asian origin, but also Roma, Muslims, Jews, asylum seekers, and people with disabilities.

Create a journalistic video (30sec – 1 min) on how the COVID19 pandemic has affected human rights around you.

The videos can be edited or not, include musical creations, graphic animation, text… whatever you can think of. You have creative freedom in terms of the format of the video, as long as the minimum requirements are met:

  •  Length (including title and credits, if any):

o Minimum: 30 seconds

o Maximum: 3 minutes

  • File format: through a link to youtube
  • They can be recorded with any device (mobile phone, camera, tablet, etc.) as long as they have a minimum resolution of 640p
  • The videos must be made with audiovisual material belonging to the participants.
  • Audiovisual material from a third party may be used if the copyright permits it.
  • Third party copyrights and licences of use must appear in the end credits.

Interview your friends, ask people their opinion, or get in front of the camera yourself and share your thoughts!



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