Robotics 101

For this task, we need someone with good videography skills, creative thinking and video editing knowledge and experience.

Welcome to the class Robotics 101… or more likely welcome to your new task. As you know, robots are part of each of our days in 2030. However, this was not always the case. From cooking to cleaning, robots manage to ease our daily struggles, making the typically annoying tasks more enjoyable. 

Your task for today is to create a video explaining the innovations in robots. Choose at least 5 robots, they can be robots from the past or ones created in 2030. Explain how you see their impact nowadays, give some characteristics and visuals.

The videos can be edited or not, include musical creations, graphic animation, text… whatever you can think of. You have creative freedom in terms of the format of the video, as long as the minimum requirements are met:

  •  Length (including title and credits, if any):

o Minimum: 30 seconds

o Maximum: 3 minutes

  • File format: through a link to youtube
  • They can be recorded with any device (mobile phone, camera, tablet, etc.) as long as they have a minimum resolution of 640p
  • The videos must be made with audiovisual material belonging to the participants.
  • Audiovisual material from a third party may be used if the copyright permits it.
  • Third party copyrights and licences of use must appear in the end credits.



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