Genetic modification

Nowadays, genetic modification is the latest fad. In fact, it is so widespread that it even affects the world of medicine and food. Don’t you find it fascinating? I do, and that’s why I want you to work on this topic!

In many hospitals around the world, for example, it is possible to edit the genome of human foetuses so that they do not develop any known diseases. We are looking for images of examples of genetic modifications in humans, plants, animals, etc. We want to make the benefits of this visible. Our competitors are finding unique examples, so try hard!

Images can be edited or not, be collages, include effects, text… You have creative freedom as long as the following requirements are met:

  • For each challenge, a minimum of 3 images and a maximum of 10 images will be submitted.
  • File format: jpg.
  • Each file cannot be bigger than 5 Mb.
  • Colour and black and white photos will be accepted.
  • The images must belong to the participants.
  • If they are part of a collage or edited, images from third parties can be used, as long as they are free to use or the copyright permits it.

All images must include a caption in text format, between 5 and 15 words, as a title for the pictures or describing what is seen in the image.



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